The Biggest Men’s Swimwear Trends This Summer

Trends come and go, and with that in mind we have put together a list of some of our favourite men’s beachwear trends of the moment.

Whether you want to keep it classic, or make a statement with something a little louder, there’s no harm in getting acquainted with this season’s men’s beachwear trends.

Flower Prints

While they have always been a staple in women’s swimwear, floral prints have come to be an essential men’s Boardshort print.

Available in our elastic waist Az style, Our Tropical Nights print takes inspiration from long summer evenings on a tropical island, featuring navy tones and lighter aquamarine hues, with bold coral and pink accents for a touch of contrast to make this print pop!

All of our Az boardshorts feature a contrasting embroidery of our company dog “Archie,” signature CAHA CAPO metal trims, and a 14cm inseam.

Block Colors

Minimalism is still a men’s swimwear trend that remains as relevant as ever. You don’t have to wear shorts adorned with prints to stand out or look good at a beach or in the pool. Throwing up some block colours can be your summer style this year if you like to keep things low-key. Make sure you pick a colour that suits you and accentuates your skin tone.

Vivid colours like in this BENJI – Red elasticated broad short can work well for those with a darker complexion. It features a contrast navy embroidery and is available in a 14cm inseam. These Benji shorts also come in a refreshing navy blue.

Geometric Prints

Alongside florals, geometric prints also stay on par with this year’s most prominent men’s swimwear trends. It adds a unique and interesting twist to the tried-and-tested floral and tropical prints. They create a bold hypnotizing look with a slight retro touch

If you haven’t tried geometric prints before and are unsure how they will turn out, start with a subtle piece like this AZ – Riptide Blue board shorts. The geometric pattern resembles the ripples in water and creates an elegant summer style without overdoing the prints for an eye-catching look.

If you’re looking to go full-on with geometric prints, then you can’t go wrong with our AZ – Geo B/Y, which comes in a cool mix of blue and white colours. It has a bold geometric print and features a comfortable, elastic waist style with a 14cm inseam, signature CAHA CAPO trims, and a contrast yellow drawcord.


Last but not least, this year’s biggest men’s swimwear trends would not be complete without the all-time classic "stripes”. Whether tilted, stacked, layered or multicoloured, stripes are a timeless nautical style, perfect for summer getaways. Striped men’s swim shorts are a classic casual style that are easy to wear.

But, make sure to choose stripes according to your body type. If you’re on the slimmer side, swim shorts like this, Pipesy – BPN featuring thick horizontal stripes, can add a little width to your body. It comes in a mix of blue, pink, and navy stripes, giving an instant fun vibe for a beach or pool day.

If you’re carrying some summer weight that you want to hide, vertical striped shorts like this BENJI – Stripe Blue can elongate your body by drawing the eye up and down.

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