Fashion & Function: Swimwear That Does More Than Just Look Great

A swimsuit is a piece of clothing made to be worn by individuals participating in sun- and water-related activities, such as sunbathing, swimming, diving, and water sports. Swimsuits are used for its several practical benefits in addition to being an attractive garment to wear to the beach or pool. They are fitted closely to the body in part to assist regulating the wearer’s body shape, and  effectively make it more hydrodynamic. By confining a small layer of water near to the skin, which heats up owing to body temperature, wetsuits also keep their wearers warm. 


As functionality is equally important while choosing a swimwear, the material, colour and other such features must be seriously considered. The fabric used for swimwear must be both soft and sturdy. The ideal fabric should hug the body properly, concealing imperfections and favourably accentuating dignity. Italian fabrics are therefore the ultimate pick for a bathing suit. After all, hand-sewed swimwear fits its owner the best. To create garments for swimming, Italian weaving mills exclusively use superior raw materials. As a result, the materials can properly conform to the contours of your body and won’t stretch out after extensive wear.  High density and durability are two qualities of Italian swimsuit fabric. At Caha Capo, we employ luxury fabric, a premium cloth made from  Italian fabric and sustainable materials. 


The first line of defence against the sun is clothes. Choosing the right hue is vital because it affects how you tan. The degree to which your clothes shield you from UV rays can depend on its colour. Red, navy blue, and other dark or vivid colours absorb more UV rays than lighter hues like white and pastels. For instance, the UPF of a standard white cotton T-shirt is only around 5. Generally speaking, the more vibrant the colour, the better protection the clothes will offer. Vibrant hues like red can also absorb UV radiation. A bright yellow shirt is more protective than a pale one because the more bright the hue, the better the protection. Sunset tropicana, glamazonia, club tropicana, caribbean, harbour view, and santorini are all designs and themes which are bright and playful, offering both style and sun protection.


Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) ratings are given to some pieces of clothing that are specifically designed to offer sun protection. This rating offers you an idea of how well a product will protect your skin from damaging UV rays, just like an SPF rating does for sunscreen. It works similarly for clothes as it does for sunscreen. The figure reflects the percentage of UV radiation that can pass through the cloth. For instance, just 1/50th of the UV rays from the sun would be able to reach skin through a shirt with a UPF of 50. The swimwear, created at Caha Capo, particularly the Mini Capo collections, are made of UPF 50+ fabric, to provide strong sun protection. We also use bright and dark colours to ensure our wearers remain protected from the heat.



Your swimsuit’s colour can also enhance your appearance; you can draw attention to your best physical features, which has the functional advantage of boosting your confidence. If you want to create a slimming effect, dark colours are ideal, especially black and navy blue tones. Given the sharp contrast between your skin’s tan and the neon fabric, neon colours are excellent for accentuating your summer tan. Red is a fantastic alternative if neon isn’t quite your thing. Interestingly, neon is useful for keeping you safe along with showcasing your tan. According to the Aquatic Safety Connection, neon pink and neon orange are some of the safe swimming colours that can help prevent drowning. 

For optimum sun protection, the more fabric the better. The most coverage is provided by long sleeve shirts and slacks, but they are not the ideal for swimming. So you can wear a kaftan, wrap dress or a jumpsuit over your bikini as a beach cover-up with your swimwear. A wide-brimmed hat and other beach accessories like sunglasses go a long way too. You can easily distract people’s attention from any body-related insecurities you may have by wearing a hat. Additionally, it is a fantastic fashion piece that lets you show off your sense of style and can protect your skin. Sunglasses shield your eyes from UV rays by serving as a barrier. They serve as a beach accent in addition to shielding your eyes from the sun’s damaging glare.

At Caha Capo, we strive to provide the best products to our customers. With a keen eye for functionality and fashion, we incorporate the latest style, and brightest colours, along with quality materials with UPF, to produce exclusive Caha Capo swimwear, accessories and resort wear.

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