Summer’s Best Friend – Cotton & Viscose

Summer's Best Friend - Cotton & Viscose | Caha Capo - Luxury Swimwear

It’s important to look for the right fabric while buying summer clothes. The most significant factor that deserves your attention is fabric. It determines your dress’s overall style and beauty as well as its comfort and practicality. When selecting clothing for any climatic situation, it is vital to take the functional element of various materials into account. For example, a fabric’s heat conductivity and heat capacity depend on its physical and chemical composition.


During the winter, it is recommended to wear heavier, thicker textiles in the winter since they will insulate you better against the cold. Thick and densely woven fabrics will weigh more and be warmer. While in the summer it is best to pick lighter fabrics that let air circulation on warm days.


It is crucial to think about wearing clothes that are breathable and absorbent because summertime generally brings intense heat. For this season, fabrics like cotton and viscose, or a combination of both, are ideal.



Summer's Best Friend - Cotton & Viscose | Caha Capo - Luxury Swimwear Summer's Best Friend - Cotton & Viscose | Caha Capo - Luxury Swimwear

The most popular natural fibre for clothing is cotton. It is the best material for garments because of its elegance, comfort, durability, and versatility. But above all, it has a number of crucial functional benefits for summers!


We tend to sweat a lot more in the heat, leaving us feeling sticky and uncomfortable. Cotton clothing is an ideal fabric for beating the heat because it is a good water absorber.  It has the unique ability to absorb the sweat and expose it to the air for quick evaporation. So, you won’t feel hot or clingy in the summers!


Cotton is a lightweight, breathable material, and it also provides thermal insulation, which reduces summertime heat by trapping air between the fabric threads. Clothing made of cotton is held away from the skin by the cotton fibres, allowing more air to be trapped between the skin and fabric for insulation and comfort.


Cotton materials may be easily constructed into clothing that is resistant to the weather through finishing and construction. For instance, cotton can be manufactured into a tight, dense fabric with a weather-repellent finish to make apparel that is resistant to the weather while still maintaining its comfort and breathability. Cotton also aids in safeguarding us from harmful germs like fungus. It  is the material of choice for people with sensitive skin because it lessens the severity of allergic reactions. 


The most comfortable type of swimwear is a one-piece swimsuit. These completely enclose the chest, arms, and legs while swimming, decreasing friction and the risk of sunburn. One-piece swimsuits can keep your kids looking adorable and safe while also offering higher UV sun protection. One-piece suits are available in a wide variety of cuts and styles at Caha Capo.


We absolutely love the asymmetrical design of the Pippa one piece bodysuit! It certainly has a distinctive aesthetic with its spaghetti sleeve on one side and a ruffle sleeve on the other, reaching diagonally across the body, and has a playful edge owing to the mix of vibrant colours in tropical nights.This is quite comfortable and ideal for a pool party. 



Summer's Best Friend - Cotton & Viscose | Caha Capo - Luxury Swimwear Summer's Best Friend - Cotton & Viscose | Caha Capo - Luxury Swimwear

For breezy summer dresses, flowy shirts, and other warm-weather essentials, viscose, a kind of rayon, is commonly used fabric. It’s hardly surprising that it’s a season favourite because it has a delicate drape and good colour qualities. The fact that viscose is a lightweight fabric knit or woven from a wood pulp solution makes it breathable. It absorbs moisture, which helps in cooling your skin, and the fibre’s tiny openings permit water and air to travel through. Viscose blends can also enhance the breathability of other materials.


Originally intended to feel like a luxury fabric, this adaptable, cost-effective material was a silk substitute. Viscose fabric is exceptionally breathable because of two factors: first, it is absorbent, so it draws sweat away from your skin; and second, each strand includes a small opening that allows air to enter and exit. Nanopores, which are minuscule gaps, are a characteristic of many natural fibres. Viscose tends to hold water yet allows a lot of air to pass through it. As your sweat absorbs into the cloth, it will help your skin feel cooler. The fabric is a perfect choice for lighter clothing as a result.


Viscose blends are useful for merging the best qualities of many fibres into a single fabric in addition to being breathable. Viscose is recognized for its luxurious drape, silk-like lustre, and excellent softness. When it is blended with cotton, the appealing qualities of both yarns are combined to create a pleasing, wearable, and useful fabric that has a silky appearance yet the breathability of cotton.


At Caha Capo, we make beautiful swimwear from materials of the highest quality made of cotton, viscose, and a cotton-viscose blend.  You can choose from a variety of styles, including one-piece swimsuits, kids swimwear, daddy and me, and mother-daughter bikini collections. We create swimwears for the entire family.  Get your summer best friend today by shopping with us. 


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