Meet the Ladies: Caha Capo’s Staple Swimwear Pieces

Meet the Ladies: Caha Capo's Staple Swimwear Pieces | Caha Capo - Luxury Swimwear

We all understand the value of a staple clean white t-shirt and a good pair of trousers. These basics make it much simpler for you to decide what to wear in the closet by eliminating the element of guesswork. Additionally, investing in them pays you because they will remain fashionable for many years to come because nothing compares to superior craftsmanship and classic design.

Why not extend that to your summer swimwear collection? There are some swimwear staples that are important for every woman’s wardrobe. These are pieces that don’t simply follow current trends in high fashion. Instead, they are timeless, fit all body types, and endure the test of time.

Classic bikinis that never go out of style are a summertime necessity for people who tend to rely on ageless wardrobe essentials. There is undoubtedly a time and place for the flashy ruffled bikini or the cleavage-baring strappy one-piece, but there is no denying the timeless appeal of swimwear. A surefire method to make sure you have a go-to piece to slip into, the next time a situation calls for swimwear—whether it’s a summer beach day or a tropical holiday in the midst of winter—is to invest in timeless cuts, designs, and colour schemes. These kinds of long-lasting picks are abundant in the summer of 2022!

Here are the top swimsuit trends that will put an end to the guessing game, featuring everything from a little black bikini to a not-so-basic one-piece swimsuit. We have you covered whether you’re going on a warm-weather vacation or simply to your neighbourhood swimming pool in the rainy weather.

Little Black Swimsuit

Meet the Ladies: Caha Capo's Staple Swimwear Pieces | Caha Capo - Luxury Swimwear

The absolute must have for your wardrobe? A little, adjustable black bikini that is incredibly comfy. When it comes to swimwear that never goes out of style, an all-black suit is supreme since it is both fashionable and adaptable. Choose a simple one piece; the result is always stylish.


The classic black swimsuit is a must-have in our summer wardrobes because warm days are here to stay. Without a doubt, you’ll require it again next summer. A black swimsuit will be your closest pal if you enjoy an effortlessly stylish appearance. Black is not only a timeless colour choice, but it also provides the best tanning effect. We guarantee that wearing black will give you a summer-worthy tan because it absorbs more heat

The Elle plunge swimsuit in Nero Black is the epitome of glamour, and is ideal for lazing at a beach club or that special destination. It will undoubtedly become one of your favourite swimsuit items thanks to its plunging neckline, adjustable straps, and ruching at the side seams, which are all made of Italian fabric.

Triangle Top Bikini

Meet the Ladies: Caha Capo's Staple Swimwear Pieces | Caha Capo - Luxury Swimwear

The timeless allure of a traditional triangle bikini cannot be challenged. It’s a swimsuit standard with plenty of room to customise to your particular style, whether with tie-string accents or splashes of texture and colour. It is a go-to summer option because of its simple, adaptable style and stretch fibres.

Adjustable triangle string bikinis are popular as you can alter it to fit you as your body and fashion preferences evolve, making it a wonderful staple to have in your summer wardrobe. We enjoy the constantly changing seasons and even more so appreciate having versatile basics.

Triangle bikinis often use less material, expose more skin, and have a sleek and sensual appearance. The triangle-shaped cleavage on the busts just sufficiently reveals the outlines of the busts. String bikini bottoms can have a variety of cuts, but they usually have a bit of a cheeky shape. String bikinis’ adaptability is one amazing feature, as you simply have choose the next size up if you would like more coverage.

The Michelle top has a subtle yet lively mood due to its cute ruffle edge. Coupled with the Brazilian M>Louise bottoms, with its ruffled edges are not only flattering, but they also give off a mischievous vibe. It features a low waist and adds a little more lift to your ‘cheeks.’ Complete your poolside stylish appearance with the traditional halter triangle top piece and louise bottom, which are made of luxurious Italian fabric and completed with characteristic Caha Capo accents.

High Waist Bikini

Meet the Ladies: Caha Capo's Staple Swimwear Pieces | Caha Capo - Luxury Swimwear

A high-waisted bikini with vintage styling will leave you feeling nostalgic. Summer swims are made more secure by the higher cut bikini bottom, and when worn with an underwire top, it is a very supporting choice.

High-waist bottoms are known for their accommodating fits that accentuate a woman’s body’s curves while pinching and tucking in precisely the right areas. A high-waist suit that is worn with a matching bikini top still reveals a lot of skin without being overtly revealing.

It looks best with an underwire bikini top with structure. It gives your bust more support and shaping that is noticeable. This bikini has a simplistic design and is a straightforward yet stylish look that complements any personal style. The top’s underwire design adds more lift, and the bottoms’ high waistlines guarantee cheeky coverage.

The Marilyn high waist pant is for the fashionista or those who desire additional support. One of the most elegant bikinis, it has a very flattering pleating detail on the sides, and is made of luxurious Italian fabric.

The Maria top has a lovely knot in the front centre and a supporting underwire. To prevent sun spots, it contains a halter with a thin strap. Paired with a matching Marilyn high waist pant, it is perfect for sunny days filled with smiles. Its understated, elegant appearance is ideal for lounging poolside.

Head to Caha Capo to get your hands on these summer time staples!

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