Playhouse Fun: Our Favourite  Mini Capo Pieces

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Style your kid’s swimwear with Mini Capo pieces and let them have their mermaid moment. Having high-quality, perfectly-fitted, and comfy swimwear can help prepare them for unlimited fun in the sun. It’s important too that swimwear for your child’s summer wardrobe is both easy on the skin and offers sun protection. 

For girls, summer is undoubtedly more exciting when it features colourful and fun designs. Caha Capo offers girls’ swimsuits in a wide range of designs and patterns for the perfect summertime look. These kids’ swimsuits will make summer more stylish for your child, whether it is your little boy or girl.

Here we feature some of our favourite Mini Capo Pieces for endless playhouse fun! 

Playhouse Fun: Our Favourite  Mini Capo Pieces|Caha Capo

To keep your spouse and kids secure and fashionable throughout the day, we have a unique line called Daddy & Me Swimwear. The entire family can coordinate their looks with the help of these Mini Capo pieces, which offer a full selection of Daddy & Me swimwear, in varying colours, patterns, and styles. There are many different father and son beachwear sets available, featuring eye-catching oceanic patterns like seahorses, lobsters, octopuses, and turtles. There are also some entertaining tropical prints! 

Our Reef Sharks boardshorts in the AZ and Jack elastic waist styles make a terrific set for the dad and son duo. This is absolutely one of our favourites because it has contrast stitching and the distinctive Caha Capo metal trims.

Playhouse Fun: Our Favourite  Mini Capo Pieces|Caha Capo

The most comfortable type of swimwear is a one-piece swimsuit. These completely enclose the chest, arms, and legs while swimming, decreasing friction and the risk of sunburn. One-piece swimsuits can keep your kids looking adorable and safe while also offering higher UV sun protection. One-piece suits are available in a wide variety of cuts and styles at Caha Capo.

We absolutely love the asymmetrical design of the Pippa one piece bodysuit! It certainly has a distinctive aesthetic with its spaghetti sleeve on one side and a ruffle sleeve on the other, reaching diagonally across the body, and has a playful edge owing to the mix of vibrant colours in tropical nights.This is quite comfortable and ideal for a pool party. 

Playhouse Fun: Our Favourite  Mini Capo Pieces|Caha Capo

Unquestionably, bikinis are the most popular type of swimwear and have been for a while. Young girls frequently display a wonderful sense of style, much like their mothers do. A little girl in an adorable, childish style swimwear is most likely to steal the show, and by matching your swimwear with your daughter, you can even try the mother-daughter look. Little girls are already eagerly awaiting the unique experiences they will have by the ocean and in the waves, but they are much more thrilled at the prospect of being the centre of attention while flaunting their swimwear. 

A young  girl’s swimsuit should provide her with the best comfort and the newest trends since it will be her first pool swim and beach games. Introducing our Lily Bikini set, which comes in a number of designs, but our favourite is the animal-inspired Glamazonia. Lily is our asymmetric ruffle bikini top and matching ruffle bottom, both made of UPF50+ fabric. The mother-daughter bikini look is totally doable with this pair and our glamazonia bikinis for women! 


We have some of the coolest family swimsuits for parents and kids if you’re looking for coordinated swimwear for your bunch this summer. For a colourful summer style, check out our Sunset Tropicana collections, which bring together a variety of playful tropical prints in the colour yellow. The Brigitte one piece for women is a chic strapless swimsuit ideal for relaxing by the pool or on a yacht.  The Brigitte swimsuit gives you an iconic silhouette with built-in support and detachable straps to prevent tan lines. For the daughter, who requires a bit more sun protection, the Lucy Surfsuit is a one-piece made of the same pattern, and UPF50+ fabric. It includes a simple zipper closing that may be altered to fit the child’s comfort. Perfect for wearing while creating sandcastles or spending the day snorkelling. It is quite cosy and suitable for many occasions. 

And to complete the family’s matching outfit, the guys can wear our yellow Tucan boardshorts. Made in the elastic waist Jack style, these pants include metal accents and contrast embroidery.

Get your little ones ready for the summer with some playhouse fun! The Mini Capo line is cheerful, cute, and playful. Caha Capo is all about fit, fabric, and fun!

Playhouse Fun: Our Favourite  Mini Capo Pieces|Caha Capo

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